About Us:

King Of Clubs is a boutique think-tank and consigliere providing creative marketing solutions, restaurant & bar management services and interactive promotional strategies to the hospitality, consumer goods, food and beverage industries. King Of Club's co-operative of creative thinkers work together to provide viable problem solving with a special focus on the nightlife and lifestyle arenas.

Our young and innovative team is lead by company founder and industry veteran Pablo Henderson while the strength of our services are closely tied to the high quality of our client's products and the dynamic abilities of our comprehensive partnerships.

Marketing & Brand Management:

Social Networking. Word of Mouth Marketing. Copy and Creative Direction. Public Relations. Viral Content. Web Optimization. Technological Implementation. Database Management. Multi-Media Production. Brand Positioning. Media Relations.


Daily Operations. P&L Analysis. Special Event Planning. Staffing. Talent Buying. Scheduling. Entertainment Formatting. Service Training. Secret Shopping. Cost control. Security. 

Concept and Design:

Concept Development and Design. Market Research. Menu Development. Bar Efficiency. Sustainability Planning. Acquisitions. Equipment Selection.

King of Clubs

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79 Poplar Street, Downtown Atl, Ga 30303

tel: 404-918-6922  fax: 404-917-1822

Door 44

The Glenn Hotel

The Mark

Drink Shop


The Glenn Rooftop